Dixie Soccer Club reserves the right to cancel programs when there are not enough registrants and/or to transfer players from team to team and/or offer alternative options such as time and/or days that might be suitable. Where this is not feasible due to such things as: lack of registrations, fields/gyms and/or coaches that are beyond the control of parents/players, a partial or full refund shall be issued.  Where a parent/player, guardian and/or other supporter becomes a danger towards the Soccer Club and its members (players, parents, coaches or other support staff) in a physical or verbal manner and/or threaten or jeopardize the good name and reputation of the Soccer Club, they will be asked to leave the Soccer Club and it is at the discretion of the Soccer Club whether a full, partial or no refund will be issued.  If uniform has been provided, players who have been provided a uniform must return this supplied uniform in a good state whether there is a refund or none granted.